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Living it Blakey Style 

David and I have had a dream to travel Canada in an RV and experience everything this beautiful country has to offer for many years now. It has been a journey that included intense personal budgeting and the building of life skills through personal improvement to save money and expand our abilities. 

We love the sound and feel of everything outdoors and want to experience it to the best of our abilities as our resources allow. To touch and feel all the wonders of Canada. 

We love organic gardening, harvesting the food we grow, and exploring new ways to enjoy "real" food with flavours that explode in our mouth. 

We heavily research all the tools, equipment, and toys we buy as every penny we spend needs to have value and a positive impact on our lifestyle. 

This is where we will share our knowledge and skills base, where we explore, and our research and experience with the items we purchase. 

About Us

We believe that the key to life is finding personal happiness, discovering a life partner to share experiences with, and developing the skills to adapt to life's ever-changing conditions. 

So here it goes. We would love it if you joined us on our journey. Whatever that may be. 


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